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world gourmet guide award by taking the traditional Japanese cuisine to create culinary masterpieces.

Chef Masaya Miyashita stayed on a single course of the trajectory to gain his culinary know-how by training for 20 years in traditional Japanese cuisine at Japanese-style restaurants in Hokkaido. As a first-rate sushi chef, he took his firm understanding of the basic tenets of classic Japanese food to open up his own sushi restaurant, "Takuzushi," which won further validation after earning a star. The restaurant opened its doors in Sapporo in 2010, and then later it relocated to a quieter neighborhood in 2013. Today it continues to serve the "best sushi made from the day's freshest ingredients."

Chef Miyashita is extremely particular when it comes to his ingredients. His fastidiousness and desire to always search for the best led him to assemble trusted relationships with fresh fish distributors at Tsukiji Fish Market. These connections give him access to fresh, seasonal ingredients that he uses to build up a first class menu of food. Chef Miyashita's penchant for fine quality ingredients isn't just limited to the selection at Tsukiji Fish Market either. Even if it's a just a minor difference that separates one ingredient's quality from another, he will nonetheless search locally in Sapporo and across Japan if he has to in order to find the very best selection available. After searching for top seafood ingredients like these that are unparalleled in quality, Chef Miyashita uses his culinary dexterity to elevate the ingredients even further and create the sublime sushi that "Takuzushi" is known for. Their sushi starts with white rice that is patiently cooked with an earthenware pot in order to condense the rice's inherently savory umami flavor. The rice is then combined with fermented red vinegar, which has a mellow acidity and rich flavor. Their sushi rice's high quality shines through while also highlighting the seafood's own inherent flavors. The sushi rice, toppings, wasabi, and soy sauce all work together like a golden ratio to achieve a perfect balance. Chef Miyashita is indeed the only one who can create these finely crafted culinary works that represent the menu at "Takuzushi." The sushi here is further complemented by drinks as well, including refreshingly smooth Japanese sake, as well as Burgundy wine, champagne, and other French wines with delicate, subtle flavors.

Inside guests will find counter seating along with private dining rooms that can accommodate 8 and 2 guests respectively. To ensure that guests can enjoy the restaurant's high-end sushi in the best setting possible, they offer a calm and composed Japanese-style dining space that is also chic and modern at the same time. This includes their selection of ceramics, black lacquerware, and other tableware pieces. When guests dine at "Takuzushi" they are sure to have a remarkable time as they dine on top-class sushi prepared by Chef Miyashita. A memorable dining experience like this is the perfect addition to any trip to Hokkaido.
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A 3-minute walk from Susukino Station(Sapporo Municipal Subway Namboku Line)



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Takuzushi [田久鮓]

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6F, G DINING SAPPORO, 3丁目3番地, Minamisanjonishi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido


Takuzushi [田久鮓]