Sushi Isuke

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Okinawa's finest. Authentic Tokyo-style sushi created with seasonal ingredients

"Sushi Isuke" is located in a quiet area a little way from the Matsuyama entertainment district about a 10-minute from the Okinawa Monorail Miebashi Station. Owner-chef Daisuke Idomukai's family ran a sushi restaurant, and so he naturally started on the path of a sushi chef at the age of 16. After 4 years of learning at his family's sushi restaurant, he moved to his beloved Okinawa at the age of 20 and trained at "Kawaji Honten" in Naha, Okinawa for 11 years. He went independent in 2013, opening "Sushi Isuke".

Idomukai's aim was to serve orthodox Tokyo-style sushi. Rather than using Okinawa's own characteristic fish, he uses fresh seasonal seafood flown in from all over Japan and prepares it in accordance with the traditional techniques of Tokyo-style sushi. The spotted sardine, which clearly demonstrates the ability of the chef, is a superb dish which brings out the delicate flavors with careful preparation. Other specialties of the house are tender and fluffy conger eel, and eggs cooked with separate layers of white and yolk, and soft-boiled in the center, just like at "Kawaji Honten" where he trained.

He also devotes efforts to the seafood from his native Hokkaido, with ingredients such as kombu kelp-flavored kichiji rockfish and raw salmon roe appearing when in season. There are 10 varieties of Japanese sake from around Japan at any given time, with a lineup featuring seasonal sake carefully selected by the owner, such as newly-brewed nigori-sake in spring, natsu-sake in summer, hiyaoroshi in autumn, and hatsushibori in winter, etc.

The clean and simple interior design features 7 counter seats and a private room with tatami-flooring and sunken horigotatsu seating which can accommodate up to 4 people. The counter seats give the sense of watching a live performance, enabling you to witness the owner's fascinating movements, as well as to experience Idomukai's personality. They want everyone from locals curious to know how good Tokyo-style sushi really is to travelers who want to enjoy authentic Tokyo-style sushi in Okinawa to have a good time with satisfying cooking and warm hospitality.
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A 10-minute walk from Miebashi Station(Yui rail)



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24,200 JPY / Guest



Sushi Isuke [鮨 いすけ]

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3-1-1, Wakasa, Naha, Okinawa

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Sushi Isuke [鮨 いすけ]