Restaurant Kodama

24,200 JPY 〜
/ Guest

Healthy Japanese Cuisine Made with a Unique Philosophy

Restaurant Kodama on the 2nd floor of a building located in a Nishi Azabu alley, just a short walking distance from the lively main street of Roppongi. It is often touted as new Japanese cuisine or creative Japanese cuisine, but the food, created based on the owner’s conscious effort to serve “pure Japanese cuisine”.
Owner Tsutomu Kodama has experience working in several different types of restaurants such as traditional Japanese, soba, and sushi restaurants. However, his own cooking is based on a foundation of food culture, science, and even physics on books, whereas it was developed through logistics. Kodama’s cooking takes into account not just the shape or taste of the food, but what will make the person eat healthier, using recipes that take into account such things as controlling the amount of heat that is used in order not to cause the food to oxidize. And yet the food is authentic and similar to tea ceremonies and/or flower arrangements, the presentation is a feast for the eyes. Most of Restaurant Kodama’s dishware are original creations by artists; some were created to match the food that will be served in it. The combination of the dishware and the food makes a further impact and transports the eater into the world of the owner’s creations.

On the menu are omakase courses only. Strong seasoning is avoided in order to bring out the natural flavors of each dish, allowing guests to enjoy a one-of-a-kind cuisine.
Restaurant Kodama’s original Awabi (Abalone) Soba has taken food lovers captive – many visit the restaurant to enjoy this dish. The alcohol served is centered around Japanese sake, in order to bring out the flavor of the food. Just as for the food, the beverages are carefully selected by the owner, who makes sure that they are healthy, go down smooth and will not cause you to get drunk.

Along with 10 counter seats, a private room that holds up to 8 people is prepared because the owner “wants our customers to be able to relax as if they are coming to my home”. The kitchen is built low, allowing those to view it well and see their food being prepared. There is no age limit and customers with children are valued. Enjoy with us the world of food created by Chef Kodama in a top quality yet relaxed atmosphere.
* The availability of an English version of this page does not guarantee that the restaurant can provide services in English unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that, even if stated, there may still be days when English speaking staff are unavailable.

■12-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Roppongi Station Exit 2
■11-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line Nogizaka Station Exit 6



  • 40's

    Date of Visit: 12/2019
    The dinner was incredible. The chef prepared a bespoke menu to accommodate multiple dietary restrictions, and it did not disappoint. The service was also exceptional - they made the evening feel truly special. And the chef recommendations on the sake and plum wine were the perfect compliment to the meal. I would highly recommend Kodama to anyone who loves a unique, exquisite food journey.
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  • 50's

    Date of Visit: 10/2018
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【Counter Seat】Chef Selected Course
24,200 JPY / Guest
[Private Room] Chef Selected Course
26,620 JPY / Guest



Restaurant Kodama [料理屋 こだま]

Cuisine Type

Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku

Opening hours

18:00~20:00 (L.O.)


No fixed holiday


1-10-6, Nisiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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Restaurant Kodama [料理屋 こだま]