Sushi Tsubasa

22,000 円 〜
/ 人
22,000 円 〜
/ 人

A 1-star Kokura-sushi restaurant that connects taste with tradition

"Sushi Tsubasa" is an intimate sushi restaurant consisting of just 8 counter seats, located in Kitakyushu right by Heiwadori Station, and just an 8-minute walk from Kokura Station. Set foot in the restaurant and the bustle of the shopping arcade outside immediately melts away as you enter an entirely different world where a calm and refreshing atmosphere hangs in the air. The tea house-style interior of the restaurant employs plenty of Yoshino cedar in its design, and the counter itself is made from a single board of ginkgo wood. The owner-chef, Tsubasa Otan carried out the interior design together with a carpenter of tea houses who trained in Kyoto. Together they have managed to execute a consummate design that, while elaborate, leaves a sober and refined impression overall. The interior plays a key supporting role in showing off the gorgeous sushi and other dishes served at the restaurant.

Originally opened in 2012, "Sushi Tsubasa" moved to its present location in 2016. Chef Otan explains the reason behind the move was because the restaurant was a bit out of town, and he wanted to make it easier for people to visit. Another reason might be because it brings him back closer to "Morita," the sushi restaurant where he trained for 8 years, and Otan still stays in touch with his master. Both "Morita" and "Tenzushi," where the chef of "Morita" trained, are leading restaurants for Kokura-sushi. "Sushi Tsubasa" follows on in that lineage, serving 4-5 small dishes first before moving on to the nigiri sushi, in a style typical to the region's sushi restaurants. Amongst the dishes served, the decoratively sliced squid is synonymous with Kokura-sushi. Furthermore, the chef's selection courses feature fish caught in the deep seas off Yamaguchi, such as grunt, as the main dish.

Alcoholic beverages at "Sushi Tsubasa" are centered around Japanese sake that has a clean, crisp, and dry flavor. In addition to staples such as Daishichi from Fukushima, and Shimeharitsuru and Tsurunotomo from Niigata, Tsubasa also stocks seasonal and local sake, and usually has around 30 varieties available. Whether it is wine, shochu, highballs, or plum wine, Chef Otan's policy is to serve drinks that suit sushi. The hope that customers who have simply come to enjoy some sushi will go home a little more knowledgeable about sushi in Kitakyushu is an idea that is catching hold not only among the locals, but also sushi lovers from other regions, including overseas. Every piece of sushi at "Sushi Tsubasa" contains hidden things designed to delight and provide new discoveries with each and every bite. It is worth a visit even if you are coming from afar.
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An 8-minute walk from Kokura Station(JR Nippou Honsen)



  • 60's

    来店日: 6/2023
    来店回数: 初回訪問来店目的: 家族や親戚
  • 50's

    来店日: 3/2023
    来店回数: 2回以上訪問来店目的: 家族や親戚
  • 40's

    来店日: 2/2023
    初めて食するさかなや、見た目の美しさがとても印象に残りました。お酒も地元のお酒を頂きとても満足です。 多少緊張しましたが、とても楽しいひとときを過ごすことができました。ありがとうございました。
    来店回数: 初回訪問来店目的: 仕事仲間と食事



22,000 円 / 人
22,000 円 / 人



Sushi Tsubasa [寿司つばさ]




Lunch:12:00~14:00(L.O.13:00) Dinner:18:00~23:00(L.O.21:00)


Wednesday, Lunch time on Thursdays


3-3-24 , Uomachi, Kitakyushu Kokura-ku, Fukuoka



Sushi Tsubasa [寿司つばさ]