Shintomicho Yuasa

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With special shark fin dish, a Chinese restaurant reflecting the season with focus on seafood and vegetables

Also known as Uraginza, Shintomi-cho in Tokyo is where famous restaurants line up. Chinese restaurant “Shintomicho Yuasa” is located in a quiet place close to the station, but away from the bustle of downtown. Chef Daisuke Yuasa studied at famous Chinese restaurants, such as Sendagi “Tengaiten”, Mita “Mitamachi Momonoki” and “Tsukushiro Ginza”, and opened “Shintomicho Yuasa” in February 2019.

There is no exact concept in the “Shintomicho Yuasa” cuisine. Based on the Szechuan cooking techniques that they have developed, they make dishes with carefully-selected seasonal ingredients and are not restricted to any genre. Seafood and vegetables are mainly used to create a sense of the season. For example, in the cold season, an appetizer with sour soup on cod shirako chawanmushi or a combination of Japanese smelt and baby spear squid is served. The popular menu is shark fin cuisine, which can be said to be the star of Chinese cuisine. They use 7 kinds of special shark fins that are made by a request from Kato Koshi, who is the representative of Tateyama city “Shinwa Kinshi Factory” in Chiba prefecture, that is particular about sun-drying. It will captivate repeat customers. In addition, they use raw ham made by Ibaraki “Meshanton Pork from Tsukahara Bokujo”, and marinate the domestic pork in natural salt and aged for about 20 months, etc. They have a passion for each ingredient.

The restaurant offers 50 bottles of selected wine by sommelier to match with your taste. There are various types of Shaoxing rice wine: 2 types by earthenware pot, 5 types by bottle, and 3 types of "Hong Hu Po" by glass. As for whisky, there are "Yoichi", "Ichiro’s Malt" and "Kavalan" from Taiwan, all can be enjoyed as highball. There is also a wide variety of sake, shochu, sherry, etc.

The interior of the restaurant is a calm space with whitish beige walls to highlight the food. Some of chef Yuasa's favorite pottery, such as Kyoto's Kiyomizuyaki pottery and Okinawa's "Yachimun", stands out. The restaurant has a compact structure with 8 tables and a completely private room (6 seats), and is recommended for dining with family and friends, and gathering with colleagues. In search of a rich time to enjoy food and drink, we would like to invite you to visit the “Shintomicho Yuasa” with its original world view.

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A 1-minute walk from “Shintomicho Station” (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line)




Seasonal Lunch Course
7,260 JPY / Guest
Seasonal Omakase Course
12,100 JPY / Guest
Shark Fin Course
21,780 JPY / Guest



Shintomicho Yuasa [新富町 湯浅(ゆあさ)]

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[Weekdays] Dinner:5:30pm - 10:30pm (L.O.8:30pm) [Sat.Sun・Holidays] Lunch:12:00pm - 3:00pm (L.O.1:30pm) Dinner:5:30pm - 10:30pm (L.O.8:30pm)




2-7-4, Sintomi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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Shintomicho Yuasa [新富町 湯浅(ゆあさ)]