Japanese Cuisine KASHIWAYA

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The essence of hospitality, a 3-star restaurant in Osaka that deepens your love for Japanese culture

“Japanese Cuisine KASHIWAYA” is a 5-minute drive from the west exit of Senriyama Station in Osaka and an 8-minute walk from Kandaimae Station. You will be fascinated by the beauty of the Sukiya-zukuri style exterior and the magnificent decorative frame. When you step into the house with a magnificent gate, you will feel a calm and extraordinary atmosphere.

The owner is Hideaki Matsuo. Originally, “KASHIWAYA” was opened by Matsuo's father about 40 years ago. Owner Matsuo, who studied theoretical physics at university, first encountered the tea ceremony when he was a student. After graduation, he trained at "Shofukuro", a long-established Japanese restaurant in Shiga. At here, he learns how to think about the food for each guest, and the delicate hospitality of the room arrangement and tools.

You can enjoy local cuisine that has been made since the restaurant opened in each of the four seasons. For example, "Shrimp salt-grilled tilefish" is a winter specialty where you can enjoy the smell of shrimp by the shrimp salt before grilling. Also, the "Tender steamed Ise lobster", which is seasoned only with kelp and salt, is made by steaming and frying the whole body of Ise lobster for a long time, and making it into a boiled and seasoned soup. The monthly menu with a seasonal feel is popular among regular customers. There are various drinks from, shochu to wine. The sommelier Masahiro Matsuoka has worked for a long time at a French restaurant, and selects Japanese sake and wine pairing.

The restaurant was designed by Toshinori Nakamura, a master of sukiya architecture. There are 7 private rooms (2 ~ 30 people) with different atmospheres, including tea room. Each of them is made of Japanese paper dyed by Yoshioka Yukio, a famous dyer in Kyoto. There is an English menu for foreign guests and English service is also available. You can enjoy the view of the garden with tatami room, tea room, the moss and the trees. From the time you enter the entrance to the time you leave, the seasonal scenery will make you excited. We hope you will experience the essence of Japanese hospitality in “KASHIWAYA”.

* The availability of this webpage does not guarantee that the restaurant presented provides services in English, unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that English services may also depend on staff availability at the restaurant.

A 8-minute walk from Kandaimae Station (Hankyu Senri Line)




12,100 JPY / Guest
19,360 JPY / Guest
31,460 JPY / Guest



Japanese Cuisine KASHIWAYA [ 柏屋 大阪千里山 (かしわや おおさかせんりやま)]

Cuisine Type

Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku

Opening hours

Lunch: 12:00pm - 12:30pm (Last Entry). Dinner: 5:00pm - 6:00pm (Last Entry


Sunday, Irregular Holidays


2-5-18, Senriyamanishi, Suita, Osaka

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Japanese Cuisine KASHIWAYA [ 柏屋 大阪千里山 (かしわや おおさかせんりやま)]