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Enjoy the cuisine and hospitality of "Hasegawa-style", which is attracting worldwide attention

7-minute walk from Gaienmae Station, Japanese restaurant DEN is located on the first floor of a building along Gaiennishi-dori. The owner is Zaisuke Hasegawa. He trained at the well-established Japanese restaurant Uotoku for 5 years and opened DEN in Jinbo-cho, Tokyo in 2008. In December 2016, it was relocated to the present location in Jingumae.

Mr. Hasegawa continues to pursue "the act of making someone happy" through food and service. He established a new style of Japanese restaurant with the warmth of home cooking, and it shines as the top Japanese restaurant in the World's and in the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant. In 2017, it was also awarded with the "Art of Hospitality Awards" for its attitude towards hospitality at the same event, attracting worldwide attention with regard to hospitality and receiving 2 stars from a famous gourmet guide.

The Omakase Course consists of specialties such as "DEN monaka", "DEN fried chicken" and "DEN garden salad", as well as various dishes based on traditional Japanese cuisine, such as sashimi, soup and rice in an earthenware pot. Reservations from Pocket Concierge includes pairing, with not only Japanese sake or wine, but also non-alcoholic drinks.

There is no nameplate on the outside of the restaurant, and the glass-walled interior is a woody space with the warmth of wood. There is a long table for 14 people, a table for 2 to 4 people and a private room. It is perfect for special days such as anniversaries and dates. Please enjoy the "Hasegawa-style" cuisine and hospitality.

[Message from the owner]
The taste of home cooking is different for everyone,
but yet it is all prepared with the same wish,
which is to make others happy.

It brings warmth and closeness to one's heart,
making us want to eat it every day.

Homemade food is food prepared while thinking
about others being happy.

Every day, I think about the people who come to
the restaurant and cook with the ingredients
that arrive each day.

For a homemade dish that brings a smile.

Owner Zaiyu Hasegawa

[Regarding the reservation]
Please register the waiting list first, we will send you a confirmation email when there is a vacancy. Also, Pocket Concierge will send you a reconfirmation email, please make sure to reply.

[Regarding visitors]

Please make sure that the person who made the reservation comes to the restaurant.

[Allergies and dislike ingredients]

As the Omakase Course uses seasonal ingredients, we may decline your reservation if you have an excessive allergy or dislike ingredients.

* The availability of this webpage does not guarantee that the restaurant presented provides services in English, unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that English services may also depend on staff availability at the restaurant.

A 7-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Gaienmae Station

Frequently Asked Questions
■ Do you have a private dining room?
Private dining room(s) are available.
■ Is there a charge to book a private dining room?
4,400 Yen (tax inclusive) private dining room fee is charged
■ How many people can the private room(s) accommodate?
A party of 4 people is welcome in our private dining room.
■ Are shoes allowed in the private dining room(s)?
Shoes are allowed in the private dining room(s).
■ Are photos allowed in the restaurant?
Photos are allowed; however, we ask you to respect dining experience of others (no flash, no shutter sound, no photos of other guests or our staff, no video).
■ Are menus available in other languages?
Unfortunately, we only offer our menu in Japanese.
■ Does anyone in the restaurant speak other languages?
We have staff that speaks English.
■ Can I make a reservation for 1 person?
We accept reservations starting from 1 person.
■ Is there a dress code?
We do not have a dress code.



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    Date of Visit: 3/2020
    流石にASIA TOP Restaurant 50に選ばれ続けているだけあって、大変満足しました。尤も、大きなテーブルを全員で囲って食べると言う形式にいささか面食らったのは事実です。特に、コロナウイルスの予防と言う観点からは...尤も、そのお陰で、予約が全く取れない傅の予約をとることが出来たので、そこは良しとすべきでしょうね。 口下手だと言いいながらも料理毎に説明をしてくれるシェフの話も楽しく、又スタッフ一人一人が細やかな気配りをしてくれているのは、逆に大テーブルを囲んだ食事形式ならではのメッリトでしょうか。 お堅い話をするビジネスディナーには向かないでしょうが、デートなどには最高のレストランだと思います。
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Omakase Course with Pairing
35,000 JPY / Guest



DEN [傳(でん) ]

Cuisine Type

Japanese, Kaiseki, Washoku

Opening hours

6:30pm - 8:00pm (Last Entry)


Sunday, Irregular Holidays


2-3-18, Zinguumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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DEN [傳(でん) ]