Sushi Kinoshita

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A hidden sushi restaurant in Nishiazabu that showcases the skills of a celebrated chef with a flair for Japanese cuisine and sushi

Without a sign outside, Sushi Kinoshita is hidden away in a condominium complex in Nishiazabu 1-chome. Inside the restaurant, chef Noriaki Nakamura, who honed his culinary skills at renowned sushi and Japanese restaurants, makes sushi with all his heart.

Chef Nakamura first trained at Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama, which he left for his hometown of Hiroshima to hone his skills at Inasa, a Japanese restaurant run by a junior disciple of renowned chef Rokusaburo Michiba. Then, he worked at Rokusantei helmed by chef Michiba in Ginza. After working there for eight years, he was referred by chef Michiba to the position of chef at Minamitsugaru Kinsui (in Aomori), where he contributed to its first-place ranking in a travel agency’s survey on the best Japanese-style hotel restaurants in the country.

Afterwards, he learned customer service skills at a French restaurant as well as culinary skills at a Japanese restaurant and took the position of general chef at Kissho Ginza Honten. Then, he was invited by a sushi chef with whom he had been acquainted to learn sushi cuisine at a famous sushi restaurant. In 2018, another twist of fate brought him to Sushi Kinoshita. The restaurant was restructured and reopened in August 2020, where he has since served as its manager.

Sushi Kinoshita offers a prix-fixe menu consisting of 10 to 12 delicacies followed by 10 to 12 pieces of sushi. The seafood is sourced from wherever the best quality is available at that moment, depending on the season. For example, tuna is sourced from Toyosu Market, sea urchin, salmon roe, and angler liver from Hokkaido, snow crabs from Ishikawa, and kelp grouper from Kyushu. The sushi rice is made with a blend of different varieties of rice from Hachidaime Gihei in Kyoto and seasoned with red vinegar and salt from Christmas Island. All sushi is made with the same sushi rice, but the temperature is adjusted to match the pairing.

The signature dish, rice vermicelli and caviar, is a luxurious combination of flavors, featuring al dente rice vermicelli stir fried with dried scallops and topped lavishly with caviar sourced from within Japan. Abalone liver sauce and crab pickled in soy sauce are also very popular.

The drinks menu offers red, white, and sparkling wines, as well as about 10 kinds of sake, mainly dry ones, such as Hitakami and Hakurakusei from Miyagi, Aramasa from Akita, Toyo Bijin from Yamaguchi, and chef Nakamura’s favorite Hiroki from Fukushima.

Visitors press the intercom button at the entrance of the condo and ascend to the second floor where the sushi restaurant is located. Inside the restaurant, there is a handsome wood counter and a kitchen with an ice fridge and a grill.

The restaurant invites guests to enjoy exquisite delicacies and sushi with their family, a partner, friends, or colleagues at Sushi Kinoshita, designed to delight the palates of casual diners and sushi lovers alike.

* The availability of this webpage does not guarantee that the restaurant presented provides services in English, unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that English services may also depend on staff availability at the restaurant.

A 7-minute walk from Roppongi Station Exit 2 on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
A 5-minutes walk from the 5th exit of Nogizaka Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line



  • 30's

    Date of Visit: 4/2023
    The quality of the sushi is undoubtedly Michelin-star caliber yet the atmosphere is more relaxed and jovial than your standard high-end omakase sushi experience, which personally was a breath of fresh air. I would highly recommend.
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: With friend
  • 40's

    Date of Visit: 5/2023
    It was an excellent experience from the service and food. The chef and staff were very friendly. Food quality was great, we could taste the freshness from the seafood. Variety was good as well.
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: Date
  • 50's

    Date of Visit: 4/2023
    とても素晴らしい体験でした! またお伺いします
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: With friend



33,000 JPY / Guest



Sushi Kinoshita [鮨 きのした]

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Opening hours

Lunchi: 12:00~15:00(L.O.14:00) Dinner: 18 : 00 ~, 20 : 30 ~ (TwoRotation)


Sunday, Holidays, Obon, New Year holidays


203, Casa Splendid Nishiazabu, 1-4-46, Nisiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo

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Sushi Kinoshita [鮨 きのした]