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  • 小学生及以上可以入店


距六本木车站徒步10分钟路程,西麻布十字路口附近,鲜红的门帘上写有醒目的几个大字—『Sushisho Masa』的寿司店。店中吧台座只有7座,如此设计的便是这家店主,出身四谷的“寿司师傅”冈正胜先生(OKAMASAKATSU)。那干脆利落的潇洒姿态,时刻牵动着食客们的神经。料理是由店主自主决定的拿手菜。店主继承正统的“Sushisho”的手艺,以轮番提供饭团和小菜的形式,让我们在品茗美酒同时亦可尽情享用少量多款品种丰富的上等寿司。店主贯彻自己的信条,即:用心挑选食材,绝不妥协。请一定要来一睹店主精湛高超的厨艺以及执着于“理所应当”信条下所孕育出来的美味珍品。在西麻布这座不夜城,本店哪怕深夜仍处于营业之中,所以夜深时分的聚餐也好,工作结束后给自己的犒劳也好,都可以在此享受美味的寿司。一品正宗寿司,唤醒沉睡的味蕾,尽在本店。



Chef's selected course配餐酒2杯

30,000 JPY / 人

  • ※可以从啤酒和日本清酒中选择您所需要的2杯酒精饮料。
    ※ 含消费税和服务费。


Chef's special selected course

30,000 JPY / 人

  • ※ 含消费税和服务费。


用户建议 (8)

  • 年龄: 40's访问日期: 11/2018访问次数: 1目的: 家族聚餐
    Amazing dinner. The freshness of the ingredients shows with little seasoning. The uniqueness of the sushi you can’t get elsewhere. Thanks for the great time. We will be back!
  • 年龄: 20's访问日期: 10/2018访问次数: 1目的: 其他
    Great food and service!
  • 年龄: 50's访问日期: 9/2017访问次数: 1目的: 家族聚餐
    Highly recommended. We had more than 40 pieces of sushi each! The chief chef took his work seriously and he not only explained to us with pictorial illustration on each piece of sushi and also humbly showed us how to eat the sushi (with/without wasabi). Thanks to Pocket Concierge who managed to get us a slot which I could not get one in March this year. Pocket Concierge also kept me informed on the schedule and contacted us on the same day whether we would like to go for earlier timing, instead of 9pm slot. The overall experience is amazing!
  • 年龄: 30's访问日期: 8/2017访问次数: 1目的: 纪念日
    Sushiosho Masa sushi is amazing, completely life changing!! Thank you so much for hosting us!
  • 年龄: 20's访问日期: 8/2017访问次数: 1目的: 日期
    Everything was perfect. The food was the best I've ever had and the whole team was so welcoming and hospitable. Everyone made sure we were enjoying and explained everything so we knew even which prefecture the fish came from. Thank you to the chef and the whole team. Can't wait to come back.
  • 年龄: 30's访问日期: 6/2017访问次数: 1目的: 家族聚餐
    Lots of sushi and fish variety, friendly staff
  • 年龄: 30's访问日期: 4/2017访问次数: 1目的: 日期
    Wow! We loved the experience. It truly was the most incredible sushi. Only issue was too many pieces, that we were a bit unwell the next day. I think too much mercury. But the fish was amazing. I would say 35 pieces is enough. Would be good to get some miso soup as well. Truly, the chef was better than Narisawa for us. Thank you Pocket Concierge for enabling us to get a booking. It was easy and quick.
  • 年龄: 30's访问日期: 2/2017访问次数: 3目的: 其他
    One of the best omakase in Tokyo :)
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餐厅名 [日本名字]
Sushisho Masa [すし匠まさ]
晩餐: 18:00~25:00(最终点餐23:30)
东京都 港区 西麻布 4-1-15

东京METRO丸ノ内线「広尾站」 步行12分钟, 都営大江戸线「六本木站」步行12分钟

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