Kitanohana Hayashi

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Chitose’s Enchanting world gourmet guide award's World with local Japanese Sake with Edo-style Sushi.

Located 10 minutes by car from the “Gateway to the Northern Skies” as New Chitose Airport is referred to, or 15 minutes by foot from Chitose Station, ""Kitanohana Hayashi"" is a sushi restaurant whose quality is reflected by the world gourmet guide award it received in 2017. This restaurant is headed by Naokazu Hayashi, a native of Chitose who spent 10 years refining his skills in one of Sapporo’s famed restaurants before returning home to open Sushidokoro Kitanohana in 1996. Although this restaurant gained significant popularity over the years, what he truly wanted was a place where he could give his customers his undivided attention, assuring the best possible service. Kitanohana Hayashi, a reservation-only restaurant with a counter that seats only six, was born from this desire, opening in 2013 adjacent to the original Kitanohana.

Utilizing the locational advantages of this well-situated restaurant, as well as the personal connections he has fostered since opening Kitanohana, Hayashi is able to procure the best natural seafood products from throughout Japan. He is very particular when it comes to selecting ingredients, purchasing his bluefin tuna from Yamayuki, a specialty Maguro broker at the famous Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, due to a belief that tuna from Tokyo is unrivaled. This meticulous selection process, combined with a thorough approach to work produces a delectable Tokyo-style sushi with red vinegar sushi rice that holds together firmly and contains no sugar.

The other source of acclaim for Kitanohana Hayashi is its selection of regional sake assembled by the proprietress, Ms. Yayoi. Featuring breweries from Hokkaido, such as Nisekoshuzo and Kobayashishuzo, it is stocked with seasonal varieties such as Hiyaoroshi in the fall and Shiboritate in the winter. There are also suggested pairings that complement the cuisine, as well as an abundance of bar snacks made with seasonal ingredients that will make the drinks flow freely.

The single counter stands out attractively in the interior that Mr. Hayashi designed himself. The subdued atmosphere is what you would expect from a sushi restaurant, evoking Japanese sophistication. The experience isn’t limited to just business entertainment, group dining, and dates, however; the restaurant is also loved by guests visiting from overseas. We hope you will come to experience the finest sushi and service Hokkaido has to offer.
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■A 15-minute walk from Chitose Station South Exit(JR Chitose Line)



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    Date of Visit: 2/2023
    とても美味しかったです。 連れが穴子の写真を撮り忘れたので またお伺いします笑。 ありがとうございました。 ごちそうさまでした。
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    お食事もお酒もお店の雰囲気も、すべて満足できました。 また伺いたいと思います。
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Omakase Course
17,600 JPY / Guest



Kitanohana Hayashi [北の華 はやし]

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Dinner:17:55~20:00①    20:25~22:30②


Sunday, Once a week, GW, Obon Holidays, New Year Holidays


1-1, Saiwai, Chitose, Hokkaido

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Kitanohana Hayashi [北の華 はやし]