Sushi Benkei Umi Ginza

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Traditional Edomae sushi made by Sado ingredients

"Sushi Benkei Umi Ginza" located next to the Kabuki-za theater in Ginza 4-Chome, Tokyo. The head chef, Masao Yamazaki, trained at a restaurant in Tokyo's Hongo 3-Chome, before setting out on his own in 1989. He later opened Yamami, an Edomae-style sushi restaurant in Roppongi that came to be well loved for many years. Over time, he developed a special relationship with the head of Niigata Benkei, Japan's finest conveyor belt sushi restaurant. This led to him working as the head chef at the Niigata Branch of "Sushi Benkei Umi" for 2 years following its launch. In 2018, the head of Benkei announced his desire that more people should get to know Sado sushi, the pride of Niigata. Mr. Yamazaki returned once more to Tokyo and went on to open "Sushi Benkei Umi Ginza".

What distinguishes "Sushi Benkei Umi Ginza" is of course, that it specializes in ingredients from Sado Island. Niigata is Japan's leading rice-producing area, and the waters around Sado, where warm and cold currents intersect, is a treasure trove of marine life. The restaurant combines a lineup of seafood focusing on Sado produce with Sado Koshihikari rice, using wasabi from Yamagata to spread the flavor of the sushi across the tongue. The Edomae sushi that Mr. Yamazaki prepares using these ingredients from Sado is the perfect marriage of Sado and Edo, unmatched anywhere in Tokyo. The marriage of sushi and sake is also brought to life with Mr. Yamazaki's hand-picked selection of renowned Sado sake.

The counter that stretches out behind the storefront seats just 10 people. The dining area is set at a higher level than the rest of the restaurant, using comfortable low chairs rather than high stools, so diners can sit and relax as they enjoy their sushi. Mr. Yamazaki stands illuminated on his stage by the sunlight streaming in from the large windows and the neon lights of Ginza's glitzy streets. With Shigaraki ware sushi trays, chopstick rests modeled after Sado island, and sake cups made by Togo Kobayashi, a craftsman from Tsushima that Mr. Yamazaki admires, every aspect of the interior reflects the high standards of a premium sushi restaurant. Whether long-time fans of Mr. Yamazaki from his time in Roppongi and Niigata, guests providing hospitality, or couples on dates, everyone will be enchanted by the Edomae sushi produced by first-rate craftsmanship and Sado's top-quality ingredients.
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A 1-minute walk from Higashi Ginza Station, Exit A7(Toei Asakusa Line)



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Sushi Benkei Umi Ginza [鮨弁慶 海 銀座店]

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Sunday, National Holidays


4-12-1 , Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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Sushi Benkei Umi Ginza [鮨弁慶 海 銀座店]