Jukusei Sushi Yorozu

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The ultimate aged sushi, the invention of a sushi chef

"Jukusei Sushi Yorozu" opened for business in 2018 in a quiet area close by the five-way intersection about halfway between Shibuya and Hiroo. The owner, Akira Shirayama, is from Nagasaki. While learning the art of sushi in a sushi restaurant in Osaka, he visited another sushi restaurant as a part of his studies and found himself deeply impressed. He applied to be taken on as an apprentice. At the same time, he became aware of the culinary pleasures of aged fish and engrossed himself in learning about the technique while working in the restaurant over the course of 8 years. He later went on to become head chef at "Jukusei Sushi Rikyu" in Osaka before opening his own business in the city of his dreams, Tokyo.

"Jukusei Sushi Yorozu" only serves chef’s omakase courses that revolve around sushi created with aged fish. Chef Shirayama visits Toyosu (ex-Tsukiji) Fish Market to discriminatingly select the fish himself. The course centers on sushi created with seafood aged in Shirayama’s unique style, while the hors-d'oeuvres that are served in between are created by a chef specializing in Japanese cuisine. Chef Shirayama says he has aged over 1,000 different varieties of seafood. He lets the blood out of fresh fish properly, in a way that is also endorsed by Tsumoto of Hasegawa Fisheries, a company that is well-respected by chefs. He uses different aging techniques for each kind of fish, including freezing, Sujime vinegar marinading, and wind drying, to create flavors of a dimension that cannot be found in fresh fish.

The vinegared rice that goes with it is also very particular. Koshihikari rice produced in Nagano-higashi is left in unhulled rice by a farmer to adjust the moisture content, and polished rice is polished for 8 minutes. This is a custom made Vermicular and it is cooked with very little water. The vinegared rice, which is made by blending Hiroshima's seaweed salt, red vinegar and rice vinegar without adding sugar, is strong and mild, and changes expressively depending on the seafood that is mixed.
It has a robust but mellow flavor that changes character according to the type of fish used in the sushi. So that his customers can experience the flavor of the vinegar that day, Chef Shirayama serves a simple roll of vinegared rice wrapped in nori as the first nigiri-sushi of the meal. Customers dining at "Jukusei Sushi Yorozu" are sure to enjoy the variety of sushi and other dishes that are served through the course together with Japanese sake selected by the chef in accordance with the food he is serving that day.

"Jukusei Sushi Yorozu" is located in an apartment block and does not have a stop sign at the entrance. It is the ultimate hideaway spot, only able to be frequented by customers who make reservations. The interior is modern, with black as the keynote color. It has seating for six at the counter in addition to two private rooms. Customers using the private rooms can enter the restaurant using a separate door and can also avoid crossing paths with other customers even when using the restrooms.

"Jukusei Sushi Yorozu" guarantees a completely private space and is just the right kind of restaurant for chartering a private room or for customers who wish to make discreet visits. The modern black interior has 6 counter seats.
We hope you will enjoy the world of aged sushi that will lead not only overseas guests but also sushi connoisseurs to a new level.

*The availability of this webpage does not guarantee that the restaurant presented provides services in English unless otherwise stated. Please be aware that English services may also depend on staff availability at the restaurant.

Our venue is 5 minutes from Ebisu Station, on the JR and Tokyo Metro Hibiya lines, by taxi; please inform your driver to ‘take Komazawa-dori Avenue towards Roppongi-dori Avenue’.

※For reservation, please join the waiting list first. Pocket Concierge will confirm your reservation and notify you when there’s availability.Please choose from the following time slots, 18:00 OR 20:45.



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Omakase Course
25,300 日元 / 人



Jukusei Sushi Yorozu [熟成鮨 万(よろず)]








VaBuilding 301, 4-6-5, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo



Jukusei Sushi Yorozu [熟成鮨 万(よろず)]