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Sushi in Kumamoto by the brothers who inherited the DNA of "Yakko Zushi", with the charm of Amakusa

A 5-minute ride from Nishi-Karashima Station in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture. “Murakami” is a sushi restaurant located in a quiet town outside the downtown area. Two brothers, elder brother Murakami Masaomi and his younger brother Murakami Takuya, stand at the restaurant as chefs. Murakami's parents' home is "Yakko Zushi", a famous sushi restaurant in Amakusa, Kumamoto Prefecture. He trained under his father, Yasuichi Murakami, and opened “Murakami” in January 2020.

The Murakami brothers hope that people will learn about the charm of Amakusa, their hometown. He wants people to remember the greatness of the ingredients when they left Amakusa. In order to deliver the wishes of his fsihermen classmates, most of the fish and shellfish, except for tuna, are from Amakusa. The vinegared rice that is the key to making nigiri, makes use of the combination of vinegar from "Yakko Zushi" and the selection of a rice master "five-star meister". There are 10 kinds of natural wine, from France and Japan, such as "Kikuka Winery" in Kumamoto. Sake selection includes local sake from Kumamoto "Kameman Brewery", "Tanaka 65" from Fukuoka, and all over Japan, that goes well with the sushi.

The exterior is a stylish western style building reminiscent of a restaurant. When you open the door and enter the restaurant, the ginkgo tree counter catches your eyes. There are only 10 seats at the counter. From the thought of "please forget the time and enjoy your meal", it creates an extraordinary atmosphere in a closed space where you cannot see the scenery from the inside. The dinnerware is Amakusa "Maruoyaki", using the works of Hiroki Kanazawa and Naoki Kanazawa, the brothers. You will want to visit for dinner or dates with your family, friends or colleagues and enjoy the charm of Amakusa's ingredients. Also, as a place to entertain overseas guests, how about enjoying sushi of Japanese culture together with sightseeing in Kumamoto?

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A 5-minute taxi ride from Kumamoto Station (JR Kagoshima Main Line (Hakata - Yashiro))



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    Date of Visit: 9/2020
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: With family
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    Date of Visit: 6/2020
    雰囲気もお食事も素晴らしく 記念に残る素敵な誕生日となりました。 ありがとうございました!!
    Number of visits: OnePurpose: Anniversary



Omakase 6,000 Yen Course
6,600 JPY / Guest
Omakase 12,000 Yen Course
13,200 JPY / Guest
13,200 JPY / Guest



Murakami [むら上(むらかみ)]

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Opening hours

Lunch: First Round 12:00pm (Only 12,000 Yen Course), Second Round 1:00pm (Only 6,000 Yen Course) Dinner: 7:00pm


No holiday, Irregular Holidays (Please contact for details)


5-17, Sakuramachi, Kumamoto Chuo, Kumamoto

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Murakami [むら上(むらかみ)]